salty dog

Salty Dog

salty dog

Soft Caramel flavored with Vanilla Beans and Fleur de Sel, dipped in 68% dark chocolate.


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  1. David Eisbach

    Dear I Li:
    I am a board member of the Mission Chamber Orchestra and also the poet, who will be praising your Salty Dog chocolate. Since I shall try to match your delicacy with a music piece I would appreciate some information on its creation: Soft Caramel flavored with Vanilla Beans (do you grind them yourself? and what is Fleur de Sel (flower of salt?) can you explain what’s involved in putting all this together? The more you can say about the process the more things I might apply to the music. We are most appreciative of your chocolate inclusion. It certainly has Jordan’s delighted anticipation.
    Dave Eisbach

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